Computer-Based Testing - Fall 2020

I noticed the addition of Excel problems - thank you! - has the CAS explicitly described the type of testing environment that will be used for each exam? I know an Excel environment was used for Exam 5 previously, but wasn't sure if that was necessary/applicable for Exam 6 (US if it matters).


  • The CAS has not yet provided detailed information. All they said is that it is the same format as "Pearson Vue Spreadsheets" but did not elaborate. There is a video conference with the CAS and Pearson Vue on July 27 that hopefully will provide everyone with more information. I believe the CAS also said they would provide practice problems so people will know the format before going into the exam.

    I uploaded those Excel problems on the assumption there would be at least some similarity between 2020.Fall and the TBE version of Exam 5 from 2018. Because the transition date to CBT was moved up to this Fall, I wanted to put something out as quickly as possible to try to give everyone a head start.

    We'll let everyone know as soon as we know more ourselves.

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