Fall 2018 Q3


For part b., I put:

To allow the continued use of rating compacts if they were of benefit to the public

According to the wiki, a more appropriate answer would be:

To allow the continued use of cooperative rate-setting so long as it didn't hinder competition.

I'm curious whether my answer would be valid.



  • Protecting competition is a key element in allowing compacts to stay. The whole SEUA debacle came about because it hindered competition. NAIC was walking on eggshells in suggesting compacts continue, so that caveat about competitiveness was important. I think it needs to be in the answer.

  • Got it. Thanks.

  • Sure, good luck.

  • This question asks you to describe the purpose of the bills and I read that to mean motivation and answered to identify unfair trade practices and reduce federal intervention. Would this have been marked incorrect? I’m at a loss in how to tell the difference between this question and spring 2019 number 5 c but they have different answers. Could you highlight the differences that I should look for?

  • In 2018.F.3b, the question asks for "purpose," whereas your answers are for "motivation." 2019.S.5c asks for "motivation," for which your answers would be correct.

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