No Free Surplus

What are we supposed to write in the practice template when there is no free surplus? I keep putting 0, and the solution says "no free surplus" but my answer is marked incorrect. Also tried, "no free surplus", "none", "n/a" and a blank.


  • Sorry about that. I made a typo in the javascript code for that page. It should accept 0 now.

  • Thanks!

  • Can you double-check the code? It seems to always accept 0 as an answer currently.

  • Should be ok now. Thx.

  • Hi! I'm having an issue with the risk margin in the template. No matter what I put in, it's always wrong. Even using the cheat button, and entering in exactly what the solution is, it still comes back incorrect. I've tried all different types of rounding as well. I'm wondering if others are getting the same error as me?

  • Can you take a screen shot of it so I can see what's going on?

    Note that for the action, you only need to enter the first letter even though the answer spells it out in full. Also, don't use commas for the numerical entries.

  • Here is the solution given when you press the "cheat" button:

    And here is what happens when you enter in the information and hit submit:

  • That's strange. It seems to only do that if you press the Cheat button first. I just tweaked something in the code and it seems to work for me now. Is it ok for you?

  • It seems to be working for me now! Thank you!

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