JUA and RF

I am a little bit confused with how JUA and RF operate due to differences in examiner reports.

Under RF, are profit/loss shared by RF's determined formula or by insurers' market shares? I remember that in one year, the point was subtracted for answers mentioning the market share.

Under JUA, do insureds need to be denied by the voluntary market first? If I understand correctly, they just need to apply to an insurer, and this insurer will either retain or forward the application to a JUA servicing center.


  • If you're referring to 2016.Spring Q8, the answer in the examiner's report is wrong/outdated. (See footnote below BattleTable in the Cook wiki article.) The correct answer is that RF profit/loss is allocated by market share.

    Under JUA, insureds do not need to be denied by the voluntary market. (That only applies to RF.) Under JUA, the insureds think they have been accepted by the voluntary market. The insured doesn't know their policy has been forwarded to the JUA.

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    What is the difference between JUA and RF? If I understand you correctly, with JUA the insured applies to insurer, which then forwards it to JUA carrier, which then writes the policy and services the claims with a fee, but the insured thinks they are being serviced by the insurer they applied with? Is that right? -- never mind, i kept reading and this was answered

  • If you have reached the level where you can answer you own questions, then my work is done! Nice job!

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