Is BattleActs kept up to date with syllabus changes?

    Yes. BattleActs content is updated whenever the syllabus changes.

Does BattleActs highlight syllabus changes?

    Yes, we strive to highlight changes so that you don’t waste time studying outdated solutions from the examiner’s reports.

How long will the BattleActs platform be available to me?

    Your membership is available to you for a period of 6 months.

What is your refund policy?

    Unfortunately BattleActs has a no refund policy.

What are the system requirements to use the platform?

    Tablet-sized screen or bigger.

    Recommended browser: Chrome (Note: The BattleActs site will not work properly in Safari.)

Is my credit card information secure with this service?

    BattleActs uses a web-based encryption and authentication service for all your transactions, to ensure your information is completely secure.