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Getting Started      Watch a short (2:30) video

  1. Order the 6C Study Kit for readings that are not available online.
  2. Download the online text references and examiners' reports for the last few exams.
  3. Print the QUESTION portion of the old exams for easy reference.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the BattleWiki
  5. Read the summaries of the syllabus readings.

Your BattlePlan

  1. Learn the material with the BattleWiki.
  2. See ur progress on the BattleBoard.
  3. Memorize the facts with the BattleCards.
  4. .
    BattleWiki ↔ BattleBoard ↔ BattleCards


  1. Read the BattleWiki articles to learn the material.
  2. Keep the source readings handy for reference.
  3. Readings are ranked based on how often they appear on prior exams.


  1. Go to the BattleBoard to get to the BattleCards.
  2. Select a reading by clicking    in the Select column on the BattleBoard.
  3. Click the button


  1. Got the BattleCard right? Click .
    • TIP: Be honest, or the system won't work.
  2. Your score in the right-hand column will rise! (0.0 - 10.0)
    • TIP: Ignore the lapse column for now.
  3. If you see click to go to a calculational problem! FUN!

Building Your BRQ (Battle-Readiness Quotient)

  1. Your overall-BRQ is shown by your name in the navigation bar (0-100%).
    • TIP: Aim for 80%.
  2. Your reading-BRQ is shown in the "Score" column on the BattleBoard (0.0 - 10.0).
    • TIP: Aim for 8.0.
  3. Reading scores are weighted averages of scores on individual BattleCards.

Maintaining Your BRQ

  1. Your BRQ will go down over time to simulate the fading of memory!
  2. Monitor your reading-BRQs on the BattleBoard.
    • TIP: If a score falls below 6.0 → TIME to REVIEW!
    • Review Options:
      • All BattleCards for a reading.
      • Only low-scoring BattleCards.
      • BattleCards not previously attempted.
      • BattleCards you have flagged using the aqua or orange colour indicators.

More Info

  • When you feel comfortable with the basics of how the BattleActs100 system works, more detailed info is available at About the BattleBoard under the help menu in the navigation bar.