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  1. Browser issue:
    • Users have reported issues with Firefox on Mac OS: The '→' buttons to select readings on the BattleBoard don't work.
    • Chrome for Mac O/S has NOT had any reported issues.
    • (Firefox for PC also has NOT had any reported issues.)

  2. How long will the beta-test version of BattleActs100 for Exam 6-Canada be available?
    • Until the close of the appeals period after the Fall 2017 exam.

  3. When will the commercial version become available?
    • Late 2017.

  4. Will there be any differences between the beta-test version and the commercial version.
    • The beta-test version will be modified and enhanced based on feedback from beta-testers.
    • The CP-Track (under 'Tactical' on the navigation bar) currently has a limited number of templates, but many more will be inserted as the beta-testing proceeds.
    • Articles are also being published weekly to the BattleWiki. Completed articles for all syllabus readings are expected later in 2017.

  5. Can I change my password or user name?
    • No, not in the beta-version.

  6. How do I retrieve a forgotten password?
    • You must request a new password by sending an email to, and there could be a 1-2 day delay. (So try not to forget your password!)

  7. What BRQ will guarantee that I pass the exam?
    • There is no guarantee, but aim for 80%. This benchmark may change, however, as more candidates use the system and we measure the correlation between BRQ and passing the exam.

  8. When I answer a question correctly, the impact to my BRQ seems random. How is the impact calculated?
    • The impact to your BRQ (in thousandths of a %) is based on several factors including:
      • the importance of the question relative to syllabus
      • the difficulty of the question
      • calculation problems are generally worth more
    • In other words, the scoring system INCENTIVIZES you to spend MORE time on the IMPORTANT topics. That's a huge part of the value of the BattleActs100 system. (You can't get that from a pdf!!)

  9. Sometimes my score impact shows as 0. Why is this?
    • This is a DISPLAY issue only. (The database WILL have been updated correctly.)
    • There are a few reasons this may happen:
      • If you click through the FCs too quickly, sometimes the server is slow to respond. Just click again. (But again, this is just a dispaly issue. The database will have been updated correctly.
      • Some FCs have been assigned a weight of 0, in which case you don't get any points for a correct answer. This usually happens for questions that have appeared on multiple exams - you only get credit ONCE for such a question - corresponding to the most recent instance of its appearance. (This should not occur when using the BattleBoard to view FCs because duplicates aren't shown. This is only an issue for the 'Tactical' tracks.) Alternatively, questions from readings that are no longer on the syllabus are also assigned a weight of 0. These have been included simply for completeness.

  10. Sometimes prior exam questions are listed as being worth 0 pts on the offical exam. Is that a mistake?
    • No. Often the explanation for this is that the official exam question asked for only 2 items, say, where there were 5 answers possible. The other 3 answers would be listed as being worth 0 pts.

  11. Sometimes the FC is so short that I don't understand what in the heck is being asked!! What's up?
    • The flash card questions (and answers) are written in a very abrreviated way. This is intentional. Keeping the questions and answers as short as possible will aid memorization.
    • BUT, here's a TIP: Look at the SECTION that the flash card is from. (This is the 2nd column in the flash card table.) This will usually resolve any ambiguity about what's being asked.

  12. Is there any way to communicate with other candidates about the syllabus material?
    • Yes. Each page in the BattleWiki has a tab labeled "Main page", and a tab next to it labeled "Discussion". This discussion page should be used for communication purposes.
    • Click the "Edit" tab, which is further to the right near the top of the page, then just start typing your question/comment. When you're finished, scroll down and click "Save page". BUT if you want your comments to be nicely formatted, you have to learn a few simple elements of the wiki markup language. (You can get info on this under the "Help" link from the sidebar menu.)