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This is all you need to know...

  1. Welcome to BattleActs... a comprehensive study system to get you organized and learning ...FAST...

  2. The base components of the system are:
    • Wiki articles for each syllabus reading, to learn the material.
    • Quizzes for memorizing facts, and learning the calculations.
    • Scoring system to keep track of your progress.

  3. Read the wiki articles and do the embedded BattleCard quizzes.

  4. As you do the BattleCard quizzes, the BattleActs scoring system updates in real-time. Your Battle-Readiness Quotient, or BRQ is always visible in the navigation bar next to your name.

  5. Start with Boot Camp. (Before starting, you can click the link for the gory details on how the BattleCards work.Or skip it and just get started - I'm sure you'll figure it out!)

  6. Slay the beast