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About the BattleCards

Here's some important info about the BattleCard screen: (BC = BattleCard)
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  • Click anywhere in the cell containing the question.
  • The green or red colour in each cell in the status column indicates whether you got that BC right or wrong on your previous attempt.
  • If you have not attempted the BC, the colour will be tan.
  • The and buttons in each cell are for self-scoring your current attempt on that BC.
  • Since these BCs are self-scored, you must be brutally honest with yourself on whether or not you know the answer, otherwise the system won’t work.
  • This icon indicates a calculation problem (CP) versus a memory BC.
  • Click on it to go to the actual CP.
  • Since the CPs have a numeric answer, they are NOT self-scored. (Darn, you can't cheat!)
  • You can redo the CP (with different numbers) as many times as you want.
  • Your score goes up every time you get it right. (MAX score is 10.0)
  • Individual BCs are given a numerical score by the BattleActs scoring algorithm. (MAX score is 10.0) You must get it right on 2 different days to get the maximum score. Also, your score goes down over time to simulate the fading of memory.
  • Your BRQ-score next to your name is updated in REAL-TIME.
  • As you click through each BC, the impact to your score appears just to the left of your name in a LARGER, red font.
  • Ex: If you see +12, that means your BRQ went up by 12/1000 percentage points. (Sometimes, due to web traffic, your score impact incorrectly displays as 0 even though the database was updated correctly. If this happens, just click the or again, and it should display properly.)
  • Duplicate BCs are always scored zero. (These are BCs that have appeared on MORE THAN 1 EXAM) Note, however, that duplicate BCs are not visible UNLESS you are viewing BCs by exam.
[setup required]
  • You will see the message [setup required] in some of the BattleCards that are past exam problems.
  • It means the statement of the question is too long to fit in the BattleCard and you have to click on the yellow "E" in the left-hand column to view the full question.
  • This often happens for calculation questions where there is a lot of numerical information that would not fit easily into a BattleCard.

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